Pilates Apparatus

Scheduling Appointments

Essential Apparatus, Private and Semi-Private appointments, Reserved Standing Group class reservations, Drop-in class reservations, and Make-up class reservations with A Pilates Practice are by appointment only.  All sessions are reserved on a space-available basis and will be processed on a first come, first served basis.  The appointment includes a reserved space on the schedule, and reserves equipment for your use. Connect with Mary Liz to schedule.

For further questions regarding fees, availability, and on-line scheduling, Mary Liz would love to connect with you by telephone. Please feel free to call her directly at 720-482-6288, should you have questions, need assistance, or prefer scheduling with Mary Liz directly. She will contact you within 24 hours. If you prefer to get in touch to share your thoughts, or request a Private appointment outside of regular business hours, send an email to maryliz@apilatespractice.com. Mary Liz will get back to you within 48 hours. 


Essential Apparatus - $550.00 - 5 Individual Private Sessions ($110 per session) Essential Apparatus series only.

A Pilates Practice requires that ALL new clients to Pilates take these initial private sessions before continuing. These one-on-one sessions are for your benefit and will address your individual needs. The Essential Apparatus Series is required before attending apparatus classes.  New Client price only.

Prior Experience Equipment Series - $345.00 - 3 individual Private Sessions 

Practical elements of Pilates education that defines your Pilates practice at a higher level.

Private Setting One-on-One Session

$115.00 per hour, per session

Package of 5 individual Private Sessions - $575.00

Private Setting Half Hour

80.00 half hour, per session

Semi-Private Setting                                            

$80.00 per hour, per person                        

Reserved Standing Group Class - Full Equipment Classes. Limited class size of 4.  *Private sessions or prior experience series required before attending equipment classes.       

$40.00 per hour, per person, monthly 

Reserve 3 or More Standing Group Classes per week/per month

$35.00 per hour, per person, monthly 

Drop-in Class Rate (A single, Non-Reserved Standing Group class, added to your schedule.)

$45.00 per class

Studio Hours

 Monday   8am - 1pm & 4pm - 6pm
 Wednesday   9am - 1pm & 4pm - 6pm
 Thursday   11am - 2pm & 3:30pm - 6:30pm
  Friday   8am - 1p
  Saturday   10am - 12:00pm                             

Group Class  & Private Session Schedules


 8a & 4p, 5p    Private 9a - 1p

 Wednesday     9a & 5p           Private 10a - 1p
 Thursday   Private  12a - 4:30p      Group 5:30pm
 Friday   8am               Private 9a - 1p
 Saturday  10:00am Private 11am  

Full 24 Hours Notice of Cancellation  As a courtesy to our team, and other clients, the studio requires a Full 24 Hours Notice of Cancellation, for all cancellation/reschedule requests. Cancellation/rescheduling requests that occur less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, class reservation, make up class, or drop in class are subject to the fee equal to the session in all circumstances, including illness. Cancellation/reschedule requests may be submitted in writing via email, and text, and voicemail if you are unable to reach Mary Liz by phone, or in person.

Referrals - A Pilates Practice Wants You to Benefit! Your referrals are such a compliment. Thank you.  For every friend you refer that signs up for our Essential Apparatus & then signs up for a Reserved Standing Group class, you receive a free group class! The best way to stay motivated to reach your goal is to team up with a friend. Bring in all your friends and you may never have to pay for class again!  

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