Mary Liz' Philosophy and Pilates State of Mind

Very Advanced - The Bicycle

I view this Pilates' state of mind as therapeutic body conditioning and reconditioning that brings to life a mind-body conditioning practice that encourages a healthy, long-term lifestyle movement solution that promotes personal growth and excellence in living.  With the necessary focus of mind and body, I truly believe that if Pilates were “just” exercise, there would be nothing to distinguish it from all other types of movement and exercise.

I LOVE a daily routine that's familiar and works very well for me. My morning moments of gratitude and my daily intentions set the tone for my day. The joy is definitely in my daily journey, and I love that I can depend on my personal Pilates practice to fulfill my day. A little self-love goes a long way, and the art of living well begins with … a bit of practice.  

I am very much a creature of habit when it comes to the daily flow of things.  My rituals are very important to my well-being.  To remain grounded I remind myself daily to stand firmly in my truth and in my power, and do my best to live my best life.  I get up every morning with solid intention to regularly take care of myself so I can shine my brightest and serve those around me in my highest and my best good. My foundation? I maintain my routine to nourish my growth mindset. I continue to learn as much as I can.  I embody my work, I nourish myself with great food, move on some level everyday, meditate, and get a great night's sleep. I truly take care of myself and enjoy the process.  But I didn't get here alone. The interior re-design of my life has been all about learning, nurturing and balance.

My main squeeze is sharing with others my passion for Pilates, and the absolute and numerous value I see in the work. To connect daily with others excites me!  But to help others,  and to communicate in a way that reflects the deeper part of who I am and what I believe in, and to empower others to feel fit and healthier puts me in the divine flow of life. I want those around me to know the true joy of living in a body that is capable.  

Making mindful and good choices makes all of the difference. Living a healthier and stronger life begins with you. Living a joyful life begins with you. Living in a body that is strong, and powerful begins with you. To live in a healthy body with a healthy mind begins with you. 

Everything that I have, everything that I am and everything I commit to be relates to learning about my body, and learning about what moves me. I know what I like so learning about what I am capable of and where my limitations lie, and understanding where I can make a difference in this world is important to me. It's been a wonderful journey.  It's an ongoing, delightful journey and endeavor that takes strategy. Tough at times because life happens and distractions get in the way.  (Darn those lemon cupcakes at Whole Foods!) But every threshold I cross I’m driven to make my life even better. I am here to live action through knowledge, without depriving myself too much. 

As a Pilates Practitioner I developed a space in which my clients would feel comfortable when they came into my studio, so I could get the best results from them. Because after all, it's about them. I wanted to create something that was about all of the things I loved about Pilates and to be able to share it with other people. I wanted to ultimately inspire goals for mindful, healthy living, and introduce to them healthy movement. A Pilates community that was gracious and inviting - filled with spirited movement, and friendships.

As a Certified Pilates Practitioner, Master Pilates Instructor, and Pilates Mentor I would love to share with you the rewards of this transformational movement method, to showcase the joy that comes with living in a healthy moving body, and the joy in a life sparked with energy and vitality. Join me in this immersive Pilates experience and feel the well-being that comes with practicing Pilates. Surrounded by state-of-the-art Pilates apparatus, my purely private studio setting will transform the way you think about movement, and exercise.  You'll fall in love with movement all over again!

Together let's create a capable body that you adore.  Commit to achieve your highest and best, and live in good health with functional longevity. Commit to build your strongest, most capable, most powerful body.  Both mentally and physically. Continue to learn and reinvent who you are, and how you think.  Learn about how your body works and what it needs to be healthy. Because after you integrate better habits, better thoughts and movement into your life it will become a part of YOU. You will become a better version of yourself because amazing things begin to happen to you when you commit to self-care.  You'll reveal the purity of mindful choices and good health. Lean into what you love, and how you want to feel.

Wishing you all love as you serve your highest good.

Let's do this together,

With love, xoxo

Mary Liz

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