Mary Liz' Philosophy and Pilates State of Mind

Very Advanced - The Bicycle

I view this Pilates' state of mind as therapeutic body conditioning and reconditioning that brings to life a mind-body conditioning practice that encourages a healthy, long-term lifestyle movement solution that promotes personal growth and excellence in living.  With the necessary focus of mind and body, I truly believe that if Pilates were “just” exercise, there would be nothing to distinguish it from all other types of movement and exercise.

I LOVE a daily routine that's familiar and works very well for me. My morning moments of gratitude and my daily intentions set the tone for my day. The joy is definitely in my daily journey, and I love that I can depend on my personal Pilates practice to fulfill my day. A little self-love goes a long way, and the art of living well begins with … a bit of practice.  

In contrast to "hanging on" to what doesn’t work for you, be open to letting go. Learn to identify and whittle down the negative that can have the power to keep you stuck.  Doing the work will empower you to expand and assist in your growth towards something that does work. I love that you can begin to change your whole attitude by just doing something differently. Something for yourself, or something for someone else. The future can always change.

To keep perspective, each night I reflect on how I spent my day. Asking, did I use my time wisely today?  I think about my priorities and ensure they’re in check with how I want to live my life. Pilates is my healthy outlet. It is my constant reward. Pilates was developed to create a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy life. My hope is that your Pilates practice will inspire you to reach deeper to live a better, cleaner, healthier lifestyle. The healing energy found in each class will not only inspire you to develop deeper connections in your Pilates practice, but because you feel better, you will be inspired to discover fun ways to add healthy, nutrient-dense foods into your diet, and be further motivate to learn to practice setting intentions and identifying what’s really important to you. The art of living a well-designed life begins with carving out a little “me time”. Your thoughts and intentions are at the heart of your journey and lifestyle.

Carve out a little quality time for yourself.  Choose your journey. Start the day with a fresh open mind.  Try new experiences. Because it’s good to do things out of your comfort zone, I encourage you to get out there and start doing. Try adding a Pilates class to your schedule and commit to feel and be the new you that the world hasn't seen yet. Love life and let it show on your face. Feel fully alive!

You are here. Feel your potential in this moment. Breathe in. YOU ARE HERE. You are here. Cherish yourself. Begin your journey towards the healthy life of your dreams, better performance, and faster results, and live a beautiful and balanced life.

Let's do this together!

With love, xoxo Mary Liz

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