Advanced - The BoomerangBecause first impressions are important, A Pilates Practice is a comfortable studio setting with professionalism at the top of its' list. Mary Liz understands that learning Pilates is essentially learning an entirely new approach to movement and body conditioning. This purely private studio setting offers a studio formula and class concept original only to A Pilates Practice. This well-rounded signature approach provides a class atmosphere which positively supports movement, and exercise - with unmatched results. Within this unique and rare environment you'll be able to concentrate on your hour, without multiple instructor, or multiple class distractions. Your Pilates time is purely devoted to you.  With patience and guidance, all sessions combine descriptive and tactile cueing strategies designed to enhance correct muscle response.

The method emphasizes proper alignment, centering, concentration, focus, deep, healthy breathing, and controlled movements. In these sessions, Mary Liz's original studio formula, and desire for pure Pilates connection will get you on your way towards feeling and looking your best!  Your body awareness, posture, muscle control, fluidity in movement, and flexibility and strength will dramatically improve.  This practice is personalized dedication to your Pilates practice. Without compromising the Pilates principles, you will look forward to seeing your practice expand in repertoire with increased proficiency and self-confidence.

How to Begin… Essential Apparatus Series - 5 Preliminary Private Sessions

Mary Liz is very excited to share with you this opportunity to begin living a healthier more beautiful, stronger and longer life!  Take action today and give yourself the permission to live your life well. Live life to the fullest with a healthy, strong, moving body.  

This series of 5 private sessions will cover the classic approach to engaging the Pilates powerhouse, the principles of Pilates, the rules of engagement and movement, and the introduction to the Pilates apparatus. These sessions are a required prerequisite to Private and Semi-Private appointments, and Reserved Standing Group class and Drop-in class reservations. You will learn a select list of exercises from the Pilates repertoire which will allow you to incorporate your newly found Pilates knowledge into our group class environment. The principles are taught with detail and are simple, safe and easy to understand.  As a result, your transition into a group class, or semi-private session is smooth and effective, delivering great results! 

You'll love the experience of connecting with your own body and exceeding your own expectations in this Essential Apparatus Series. You’ll find that a strong, toned, sculpted body translates into a healthier, stronger, more confident life in general. Begin your journey towards the healthy life of your dreams, better performance, and faster results. 

Once you complete the Essential Apparatus series, you are eligible to attend group class.

A Pilates Practice requires that ALL clients take these initial private sessions before continuing. These one-on-one sessions are for your benefit and will address your individual needs. The Essential Apparatus Series is required before attending apparatus classes.

Reserved Standing Group Class Setting

Discover the endless and everlasting body conditioning possibilities with a breath-infused Pilates class. Rich in enthusiasm and goal oriented these class settings bring your Pilates practice to life! With a class limit of four participants, this class environment offers a class concept original only to A Pilates Practice. By providing a rare and unique studio practice focused on the essentials of Pilates through the mat repertoire, and through the unique studio apparatus class formula, every client benefits. Each client in each class is reserved one of every piece of apparatus for their use. That means you will have a Reformer/Half Trapeze Table, a Combo Chair, a Tower and a Ladder Barrel, with all of the necessary small props reserved just for your use, in EVERY class. This well-rounded signature approach provides a class atmosphere which positively supports movement, and exercise - with unmatched results.  You'll connect in every class as you are guided through detailed and creative high quality instruction in a class that offers variety.  A purely Pilates, purely private, mind-body engaging, and safe class. You'll soon find that when Pilates is performed regularly, you'll look and feel your best! 

Private Setting

Private Settings are ideal for those who enjoy the benefits of one-on-one instruction and prefer achieving their fitness goals in a private setting. Master the repertoire in a variety of ways utilizing the full Pilates apparatus system. An excellent choice to fine-tune your Pilates practice and hone your body conditioning results.  Get the most out of your sessions with all the attention focused on you!

Private settings are additionally advantageous for clients recovering from physical injuries, have persistent ailments such as knee, neck or back problems, and/or have severe physical limitations. As with group class settings, private settings emphasize safe body conditioning techniques that are respectful of your physical limitations. Choose a full-hour or half-hour private session.

As always, consult your doctor or health professional before beginning this or any exercise.

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