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Advanced - Swan DiveMary Liz’s unique Pilates studio concept is the most efficient and smartest approach to your Pilates practice.  She’s reinvented the Pilates private and the Pilates group class experience to a whole new level, elevating the sense and purpose to your Pilates experience, bringing both form and function to your practice and your life.  Surrounded by state-of-the-art Pilates apparatus, this purely private studio setting will transform the way you think about movement, and exercise.  With Mary Liz’s mind set on the philosophy that in order to improve anything we must practice, she elevates the learning process and her results-driven Pilates practice with the power of critical thinking and innovative teaching. Mary Liz’s approach to the method is transformational and facilitates positive change in the body, mind, and spirit. Her approach will inspire you to embrace her all-encompassing philosophy of movement, health, life, and energy.  Resulting in a body that is uniformly sculpted, powerful, and bio-mechanically efficient.  

With a studio formula and group class concept original only to A Pilates Practice, there is no other Pilates studio experience like Mary Liz’s out there!  

Always warm and welcoming, the studio offers a private intimate environment that connects people who are interested in making positive changes in their lives and live healthier lifestyles. Building relationships with her clientele Mary Liz truly connects with her clients and sees their success and personal progress as they master awareness of their bodies. Mary Liz enjoys exceptional and consistent praise for her ability to share her knowledge with her clientele, and improve the quality of life for those that are fortunate to train under her guidance. She upholds the highest quality of professional instruction there is today. With Mary Liz' preference to maintain quality instruction over quantity, limiting class size, Mary Liz has earned a devoted following of clientele that spans from the age of 11 to 76 years old. Whether in a private or group class setting, Mary Liz is fully immersed in the philosophy and technique of this system, and offers her clientele her complete attention with emphasis on adapting the Method to fit each one of them.

Why Us?  What Makes A Pilates Practice So Exceptional?

A Pilates Practice is the most exclusive, independently owned full apparatus pilates studio in Denver. A premier studio, Mary Liz provides the very best equipment to train her clientele. A Pilates Practice is the first Pilates studio in the Denver Metro Area to introduce the Reformer/Half Trapeze Table in class settings. With its' superior design, this ultimate piece of Pilates apparatus combines the Studio Reformer with the essential elements of the Trapeze Table (Cadillac), and offers several advantages over similar equipment. The highest quality apparatus of its kind, it maximizes performance and versatility in repertoire, accompanied by exceptional results. The Reformer/Half Trapeze Table adds a whole new dimension to your Pilates workouts. There are literally hundreds of exercises that can be done with this single apparatus. Mat Pilates, standing Pilates, the complete Reformer repertoire, including most of the Trapeze Table or Cadillac repertoire. But more importantly, there is a whole new Pilates technique called "Integrated Training" - repertoire specifically designed for the Reformer/Half Trapeze Table that combines the Tower of the Trapeze Table with the moving carriage of the Reformer. The springs of the Reformer/Half Trapeze Table integrate core control with extremity strength. While the springs of the Reformer help articulate, stretch and stabilize the spine, the springs of the Tower enhance physical integration and refine awareness of eccentric muscle control. The complexity and diversity of this apparatus is eccentric conditioning at its best!

In addition to this unparalleled piece of apparatus, and because clients at A Pilates Practice have a healthy zest for body conditioning, our group class program highlights the use of the Ladder Barrel and the Combo Chair. Both essential pieces of apparatus designed for core conditioning and to increase flexibility, the Ladder Barrel and Combo Chair align and mobilize the spine, developing strength, balance and control. Both apparatus offer a series of multidimensional exercises that challenge the pure Pilates enthusiast.

Because performing the Pilates Mat work is an essential part of the Pilates practice, our thick cushioned floor mats with non-skid feet are ideal and protect the spine.

To top it all off, all settings are taught with authenticity & clarity and emphasize following the basic principles of form and function as dictated by the Joseph Pilates classic system. A Pilates Practice's distinctive approach varies in repertoire and constantly challenges our clientele - offering a challenging, full-body workout .

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