"THANK YOU, Mary Liz very much for the weekly encouragement, and thank you for the clear and precise instruction that makes my successful Pilates practice possible. My twice per week sessions with you have helped my body feel better and function better.  The systematic Pilates training I get from our sessions together has increased better performance with my running, riding, swimming, working around the house, and just sitting at the computer.  My energy management is much more efficient.  The change process over the last couple of years is evident, however, more clearly transformational, and measurable in the past several months I've consistently trained with you due to my better understanding of the work.  Thank you!"

--Shawn Jenkins

"Plain and simple - Mary Liz is the best.  She'll make you work to properly engage all muscle groups.  Pilates is incredibly difficult, but there is no one I'd rather have guiding me through the process, than her."

--Brody Matthews

"Mary Liz is the maestro of movement!  

Walking into A Pilates Practice you can tell this private studio is designed for Pilates. The equipment is maintained and the space is glowing and spotless. The studio is intimate, serene, safe and empowering with state-of-the-art Pilates apparatus, providing an atmosphere which positively supports movement, and exercise. From the full amenities of this marvelous studio, to the convenient location, this is the place for me!  Working with Mary Liz is very empowering and my four classes per week keep me on track.  I’ve had the fastest and greatest results. As a trainer Mary Liz's cueing style keeps my body tone and svelte, and her mindful healthy lifestyle inspires me to learn from her and me find my best.  Totally worth it!  Joe lived to a robust age of 87 with a straight spine and the body of a 50 year old, and my practice at A Pilates Practice inspires me to be my best self, have a vibrant, healthy moving body and live a magnificent life. It is absolutely true that my life has been changed by Pilates and thru Mary Liz’s approach to this method.  Mary Liz’s passion for teaching, body knowledge and ability to help me and others heal is what has me welcoming her with open arms!   I am a very lucky woman! With Mary Liz's cues and guidance towards healthy living – I get it right with my whole physique, in tune and toned.  

A Pilates Practice studio experience has no comparison!”    

-- Katie Monahan

"Thanks to Mary Liz and a Pilates practice I still enjoy a very active life at 69. I've enjoyed Pilates with Mary Liz, taking class three times per week for 16 years.  I run, play baseball, scuba dive, bicycle and ski, despite severe disc degeneration in my lower back. I have better strength and flexibility today than I had fifteen years ago. My Pilates with Mary Liz has become an integral part of my life. Mary Liz has taught me that Pilates is not just something you do - it is something you study and practice.  My practice has increased my body's strength and efficiency, and restored its' natural balance."  

--Tom Hall 

"Last summer, I visited Denver for a few weeks and I wanted to find a good Pilates studio. In Boston, I attend Pilates multiple times a week and have tried many studios. As a college tennis player and distance runner, I love Pilates for making my core stronger and making my body more balanced and not injured. I found Mary Liz via a google search and decided to give it a try. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge of advanced classical Pilates routines as well as her ability to differentiate for her students' needs. Her cues are spot-on and force me to engage all the parts of my body that are weaker, helping me become a better athlete. She has a good eye for balance in the body and knows when I am compensating on one side. While cueing through the exercises, she has a close eye on her four students and will give extra cues to those who may need them. The small class allows for each student to get more attention, allowing for more improvement in their practice. Of all the studios I have been to in multiple different cities, Mary Liz is definitely the cream of the crop! Not only is she a friendly, calm, and knowledgeable coach, but she also has some of the nicest equipment. With Mary Liz, you are training with the best and on the best equipment. When I travel back to Denver, I cram in classes with Mary Liz and always leave feeling longer and stronger. Thank you Mary Liz for all your help!"   

-- Laura H.

"Mary Liz is an excellent instructor.  She brings her past experience and continued education to every class to ensure her students are getting an effective full-body workout.  I cannot speak highly enough about Mary Liz's teaching style.  She provides deep verbal cues and watches each student to ensure the movements are done correctly.  I know Mary Liz is effectice because I was her student for over 7 years.  I have an old injury and I must keep my back and core strong to remain injury free.  I left Mary Liz's studio because I bought a house near Green Mountain.  I was not able to get the same level of instruction at other studios and 4 months later I reinjured my back lifting a suitcase out of my car.  I am back at Mary Liz's studio because there isn't a better instructor out there.  Mary Liz ensures that I am practicing the work correctly so I can remain injury free.  She also provides a professional studio that is clean and the equipment is in excellent working order.  After practicing at other studios I now have a greater appreciation for the effort Mary Liz puts into maintaining her studio and her teaching style."

-- Sara F.

 "My husband and I tried two different pilates studios prior to coming to A Pilates Practice. Pilates at the other studios was like working out on pulleys and that was something we could do at the gym. Also, we were disappointed with the lack of help and cuing that went on in the other studios. The instuctors would cue us as we set up to do the exercises and then just chit chat away as we were doing the "reps." I had the feeling that this is not what true pilates is about and so I kept searching.

At A Pilates Practice, it is not about completing the reps. It is all about the form. It is by attaining proper form that one achieves the goals of pilates. Mary Liz cues virtually non-stop throughout each move. She is very "hands-on", literally, showing you where and how to do what is needed for the proper form. She is continually searching for that particular cue that will help you understand what adjustments are needed. She is also very encouraging and gives lots of positive reinforcement. She is very thorough and never tires of repeating the basics over and over which is so important for beginners.

My husband and I are thrilled to have found A Pilates Practice and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants the experience of real pilates."   

-- Risa

"As a fitness buff and nurse practitioner, I began doing Pilates to add strength and power to other activities I enjoy. I have been working with Mary Liz as my Pilates Practitioner for 21 years, faithfully coming in for private session once per week. I'm 66 years young and I owe my athlectic performance, strength, and strong aligned posture to Mary Liz, and her outstanding approach to Pilates. I appreciate her expertise and knowledge level. When I ski, scuba dive, hike, mountain bike, and even clean my house, I tap into all of the principles of organization, and rules of engagement Mary Liz has taught me. I've learned to mindfully move to get the most out of my workouts, and protect my body from injury.  My Pilates practice has woven itself into all aspects of my life.  I live life with strength and confidence. My flexibility and core strength have improved dramatically, as well as adding to how strong I have become. Mary Liz is a motivator and such a pleasure to work with." 

 -- Kaye Ripley

"I have been active in many sports and exercise activities over the years, with the usual effects of stress on my body and injury. Since starting Pilates with Mary Liz about 5 years ago, my flexibility, strength and coordination have radically improved. No exercise program in the past has changed my body shape and muscle tone with such versatility, or frankly, has kept me interested as much as Pilates. Mary Liz has a great way of bringing out the best in me, and my fellow classmates, with a unique style of coaching, humor and drive. You will not only look and feel better after each session, but actually enjoy yourself. Her attitude of life, approach to her passion and professionalism will make you a committed follower for years." 
-- Clarence Hughes, Owner - GreenBuilt Homes 

"With a legacy of excellence in class craftsmanship and quality, it's only a matter of time before one of Mary Liz's classes or private sessions makes its way into your weekly routine.  A Pilates Practice is effective and unique in the Pilates world.  Mary Liz uses individualized instruction for every participant in both individual and class sessions and her attention to detail, form and cueing keep every class challenging and not repetitive. I appreciate that her classes allow for 4 people in each class and love that each class member is reserved a reformer/half trapeze table, combo chair and ladder barrel in each class!  SO much equipment to constantly challenge the body.  We all want to master the art of living well - with balance, flexibility and strength.  I can - with A Pilates Practice." 

--Carol B.

"Mary Liz makes this increasingly popular form of exercise an 'almost religious' experience. I was close to abandoning this unconventional exercise regimen, and then I found Mary Liz. She puts me at ease as she guides me towards mentally mastering my breathing and posture while putting my body through an incredible workout. She is like a combination of an inner voice in my head and background music, all in one. With the patience of a saint, ever-cheerful attitude, and an unmatched knowledge of her craft, Mary Liz is simply the best." 

    -- Janice Sprenkle

Improving Performance with Pilates:
"Being an avid strength trainer and martial artist I am always looking for the most effective methods of performance enhancement available. I was introduced to Mary Liz and A Pilates Practice about 4 years ago. Since working with Mary Liz I have come to understand how your breath affects your muscles and consequently your performance. Practicing Pilates with Mary Liz, over time you will gain a deeper understanding of how exhalation stimulates breathing, facilitates core support and intensifies movement.  I have seen a marked improvement in my own performance, as well as in my clients' performances since applying the breathing and tactile cueing techniqes I learned from Mary Liz. Pilates has been beneficial to my body and my business. Mary Liz' knowledge and teaching style combined with the personal atmosphere of A Pilates Practice makes it my studio of choice for myself and my clients." -- T.J. Pierce, BS -Exercise Science, CHEK Practitioner 2

"Mary Liz has a way about her that no other trainer can match. Her cueing techniques and visual imagery, while sometimes humorous and other times very serious, instantly trigger muscle response in my body in no other way I've ever experienced. Her patience, and calm, dynamic and innovative teaching approach to the Pilates' philosophy of movement exhibit mindful strategies in thinking. After my class my body always feels great!  A reflection of her refined teaching technique.  Her studio and teaching is superior in quality and it shows in the passionate way she teaches…her presence inspires me to do my best." 

-- Nicola Mahn

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